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Biological markers of activity and progression of multiple sclerosis. Possibilities for predicting disease activity

Alexander Zakharov

Director of the Research Institute of Neuroscience, Samara State Medical University


Moral foundations elicit shared and dissociable cortical activation modulated by political ideology

Zorina Rakhmankulova

PhD student, International Laboratory of Social Neurobiology, HSE


Population genetics: from modern humans to Neanderthals

Vladimir Shchur

Senior Research Fellow, International Laboratory of Statistical and Computational Genomics


Cognitive capabilities in strategic management research: results of the literature review

Tatiana Alexandrova

Head of Risk Management School, SberUniveristy


Dissecting motor skill acquisition: Spatial coordinates take precedence

Gleb Perevoznjuk

Master’s student, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology


Biological motion paradigm: Insights from neurocognitive research and applications

Elena Gavrilova

Research assistant, Center for Cognition and Decision Making, HSE


The causal role of the medial prefrontal cortex in mediating self-agency during reality monitoring

Alexandra Dolgoarshinnaya

Junior research fellow, Center for Cognition and Decision Making, HSE


Improved human-computer interaction: How to use AI in cognitive sciences?

Eliana Monahhova & Nikita Otstavnov

Centre of Cognition and Decision Making & Laboratory of Social Neurobiology, HSE


An adaptive algorithm for detection of the decision duration

Alexey Tumialis

Leading Research Fellow, Centre for Bioelectric Interfaces, HSE


Mapping the Visual Cortex in the Context of Phosphene Research using TMS

Gleb Perevoznjuk

MD FBM MSU, master’s student, SKOLTECH


Anterior cingulate and medial prefrontal cortex oscillations underlie learning alterations in trait anxiety in humans

Marina Ivanova

Research assistant, Center for Cognition and Decision Making, HSE


Bisection tasks in embodied research

Anastasia Malyshevskaya

Junior Research Fellow, HSE & Potsdam University


Neurocardiology: Interactions within the framework of the brain-heart axis

Alena Limonova & Irina Minenko

“National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine" of the Ministry of Health of Russia


Neuromarketing Demo Research. Collaboration with HSE Design Lab and SPAR

Elena Gavrilova & Alisa Godovanets

Research assistants, Centre for Cognition and Decision Making, HSE


Transdisciplinary model of seeking help for patients with anxiety disorders - clinical, psychological, psychopathological and neurobiological aspects

Maxim Marachev

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Borderline Psychiatry “National Medical Research Centre for Psychiatry and Narcology by V. Serbsky”


Comparing reinforcement- and description-based economic preferences worldwide

Oksana Zinchenko

Senior Research Fellow, HSE


Towards speech prosthesis: speech decoding from a small set of spatially segregated minimally invasive intracranial EEG electrodes

Alex Ossadtchi

Director of the Centre for Bioelectric Interfaces, HSE


Face approximation from skull and human head/face perception

Ravil Galeev

Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAS


Cross-cultural differences in financial risk-taking: a behavioral study and future research plan

Zorina Rakhmankulova

PhD student, International Laboratory of Social Neurobiology, HSE


TMS study of cognitive dissonance and the following preference change: focus on temporal dynamics and the role of the medial and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex

Alina Davidova and Julia Sheronova

Master's students, HSE


Attention modulation in negative affect with high arousal: tES-EEG study plan

Nikita Kudryavtsev

Bachelor's student, HSE


Association of eye-movement patterns in anxious subjects with individual level of impulsivity

Guzal Khayrullina

PhD student of Psychology, HSE 


"Expert persuasion" can decrease the Willingness to Pay for sugar-containing food

Ioannis Ntoumanis

PhD student, International Laboratory of Social Neurobiology, HSE


Cognitivity from Within the brain

Konstantin V. Anokhin

Academician of the Russian Academy of Science & Director of the Institute for Advanced Brain Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University


Social Neuroscience studies of racial in-group bias in empathy

Shihui Han

Professor, School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, Peking University


Power in Network structures

Fuad T. Aleskerov

Professor at the Department of Mathematics & Director of the International Centre of Decision Choice and Analysis, HSE


How Migration Policy Shapes the Subjective Well-Being of the Non-immigrant Population in European Countries

Alexander Tatarko

Deputy Director and Chief Research Fellow at the Center for Sociocultural Research, HSE


A neuroscientific perspective on the shades of empathy

Gal Raz

PhD, Tel Aviv University, TAU School of Film and Television


The "when" and "what" of episodic encoding

Aya Ben-Yaakov

Research Fellow at MRC Cognition and Brain Science Unit, University of Cambridge


The self- and other-referential processing

Georgiy Knyazev

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Differential Psychophysiology of the Scientific Research Institute of Neurosciences and Medicine


Brain activity foreshadows stock price dynamics

Mirre Stallen

PhD, Assistant Professor Institute of Psychology Leiden University, Senior Researcher Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


The role of inter- and intra- cultural mental variations

Vladimir Apanovich

Junior researcher, International Laboratory for Social Neurobiology, Institute for Cognitive Neurosciences, HSE


It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see

Yaara Yeshurun

Director of Social and cognitive neuroscience laboratory, Tel-Aviv University


Machine learning for approximating endpoints in clinical neuroscience from heterogenous input data

Denis A. Engemann

Research Scientist, French National Institute of Computer Science (Inria-Saclay), Parietal Team


Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the PPC leads to safer and more consistent choices under risk

Ksenia Panidi

Senior Research Fellow, Center for Cognition and Decision-Making, Institute of Cognitive Neurosciences, HSE


Genetically informative study of the relationship between neuronal dynamics and cognitive functions

Ilya Zakharov, Anna Tobueva

Research Fellow of Developmental Behavioral Genetics Lab, Psychological Institute of Russian Academy of Education


The biological underpinnings of economic behavior

Evgenia Lukinova

Postdoctoral Fellow, Erich Lab, Institute of Brain and Cognitive Sciences NYU-ECNU, New York, Shanghai, China


Statistical analysis techniques for quantifying brain activity during naturalistic paradigms

Enrico Glerean

Research Fellow, International Laboratory of Social Neurobiology, Institute of Cognitive Neurosciences, HSE


The Impact of Media Literacy Skills on Narrative Interpretation: EEG Study

Olga Kuskova

Research assistant at the Laboratory of Social Neurobiology, Institute of Cognitive Neurosciences,
Master's Student of "Cognitive Sciences and Technologies: From Neuron to Cognition" program, HSE


How are sensory predictions modulated by behavior? A MEG study

Athina Tzovara

Assistent Professor, Institute for Computer Science, University of Bern, Switzerland


In search for reliable individual differences in brain function: strengths and weaknesses of fMRI

Andrey P. Anokhin

Staff scientist, Department of Psychiatry, Medicine School, Washington University in St. Louis. USA


Levels and Factors of Trust in Russian Regions: Results of an Online Experiment

Alexey Belyanin

PhD, Senior Research Fellow, International Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioral Economics, National Research University Higher School of Economics


Applied scientometrics for modern researchers: some basic tools and metrics

Ivan Sterligov

Director of the HSE Scientometrics Centre



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