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Important announcements 1

International Laboratory of Social Neurobiology

Retrospective confidence judgments: Meta‐analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging studies

Martín-Luengo B., Zinchenko O., Dolgoarshinnaia A. et al.

Human Brain Mapping. 2021. Vol. 42. No. 10. P. 3005-3022.

Book chapter
Differential Neuromagnetic Mismatch Responses to Spoken Action and Abstract Verbs in the Motor Cortex

Kopytin G., Ulanov M., Gorin A. et al.

In bk.: International Journal of Psychophysiology. Elsevier, 2021.

Working paper
TMS cortical mapping of multiple muscles: absolute and relative test-retest reliability

Nazarova M., Novikov P., Иванина Е. О. et al.

BioRxiv. http://dx.doi.org/. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2020

The Laboratory is focused on the fundamental neurobiological mechanisms of social interaction, social influence and communications.

The main research area is «Neuroimaging of social cognition using real-life like stimuli: studies of decision-making and language in multicultural contexts». The academic supervisor of the project and the Lab is Iiro Jääskeläinen.

The Lab was created with the support of a grant from the Government of the Russian Federation (Decree No. 220).

Do sparse brain activity patterns underlie human cognition?

Speaker of the seminar, Iiro Jaaskelainen, is the scientific director of the International Laboratory of Social Neuroscience at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience of the Higher School of Economics, Professor of the Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering at Aalto University.

Readiness to Punish Others for Selfish Behaviour Explained by Functional Brain Connections

The stronger the functional brain connections, the less inclined someone is to punish others for unfair behaviour. This conclusion was reached by HSE researchers following a neuroimaging experiment. Their paper ‘Wired to punish? Electroencephalographic study of the resting-state neuronal oscillations underlying third-party punishment’ was published in the journal Neuroscience.

International School of Social Neurosciences 'Inter-subject Correlation Analysis of fMRI Data: Hands-on Learning'

On June 21-23, a Summer School on fMRI data processing was held on the basis of the world-class Scientific Center "Center for Interdisciplinary Human Potential Research" of the Higher School of Economics, together with Aalto University (Finland) and the international project iBrain

A neuroscientific perspective on the shades of empathy

Speaker of the seminar Gal Raz, PhD, Tel Aviv University, TAU School of Film and Television

The when and what of episodic encoding

Speaker Aya Ben-Yaakov, Research Fellow at MRC Cognition and Brain Science Unit, University of Cambridge.

Preliminary defense of Ph.D. thesis by Aleksey Gorin

We invite everyone to take part in the round table, which will be held online as part of the XXII April International Academic Conference on April 13 at 17:15.

Topic: «(In)homogeneous (ir)rationality. How the brain makes decisions»
 Chairman / Co-chairman (Vasily Klucharev / Boris Gutkin)

"The self- and other-referential processing"

Speaker of the seminar Knyazev G.G., Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Differential Psychophysiology of the Scientific Research Institute of Neurosciences and Medicine

Neurotechnology: The Decline of Freedom or New Horizons for Human Development?

On March 18, HSE University will host the international Neurotechnology & Freedom Conference, which will be held online. In an exchange with HSE News Service, Vasily Klucharev, director of the Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience and tenured professor at HSE University, discussed what views on the compatibility of these two concepts exist in modern science and art.

Levels and Factors of Trust in Russian Regions: Results of an Online Experiment

Speaker of seminar Alexey Belyanin, PhD,Senior Research Fellow, International Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioral Economics,National Research University Higher School of Economics

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