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XXII April International Academic Conference Roundtable discussion (event completed)

Topic: «(In)homogeneous (ir)rationality. How the brain makes decisions»
 Chairman / Co-chairman (Vasily Klucharev / Boris Gutkin)

At the round table, it is planned to talk about the brain reasons for the heterogeneity of decision-making (individual differences in decision-making), two reports and a general discussion are planned


Invited Speakers:

20 min – talk by Dr. Kingson Man, University of Southern California

Title: «Truth or Consequences: Homeostatic Self-Regulation in Artificial Neural Networks»

Abstract: «We assess existing attempts to build emotions and feelings in machines. We review our recently proposed design for machines possessing analogues of biological feeling. Key to our proposal is a homeostatic architecture that regulates internal states to maintain conditions compatible with life. In a first implementation of our design, we present results from a model of synaptic homeostasis in artificial neural networks. We introduce direct consequences to the network's function as a result of its own information processing activity. This model illustrates the benefits that may accrue to a homeostatic learner when it is placed in a needful and vulnerable relation to the objects over which it computes».


20 min – talk by prof. Stefano Palminteri, Paris

Title: «Сontext-dependence induces distorted memories of values: a test with across three decision-making modalities and four preference elicitation methods

Absttract: Results from several online experiments (N=100 each) demonstrating that, in the context of human decision-making, the way in which options are arranged (the choice architecture) significantly affects the resulting memory representations of values will be presented. Distortions are generally consistent with a partial range adaptation process.


35 min – discussion

Time slot: 17:15 - 18:45, date April, 13.

Language: English

Questions for discussion:

1. The role of the brain in decision making

2. How the state of the brain affects decision making

3. The role of the physiological state (corporality) in decision making

4. Neurobiological theory of somatic markers

5. Reinforcement learning theory in modern decision theory 6. The conflict of needs and motivation as a reason for irrationality

7. Is motivation a physiological embodiment of needs?


Roundtable is organized in the framework of a research grant funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (grant ID: 075-15-2020-928))

Experts: A. Shestakova (HSE University), K. Man (University of Southern California), S. Palminteri (Ecole Normale Superieure)


The online conference will be held on the MS Teams platform

Instructions for Participants of XXII April Conference (PDF, 233 Кб)

MS Teams instruction (PDF, 530 Кб)


Link to the event program: https://conf.hse.ru/en/2021/program#2021-04-13

Those wishing to take part in the round table must necessarily register no later than 10 am on Monday 12 April to receive a link to the event:

* The organizers will send the link on April 12

Registration for the event