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Virtual Symposium CCCP'21 « Challenges and new approaches in Cognitive Computational (neuro)Psychiatry »

8 December2021

We are pleased to announce the 2021 virtual edition of the symposia focusing this year on cognitive and computational approaches in psychiatry.

The symposium brings together a variety of researchers who work on understanding mechanisms and variability of different mental health conditions across different populations.



Centre for Cognition & Decision Making

Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience

Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia


Developmental Computational Psychiatry Group

Max Planck Center for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing research

University College London, London, United Kingdom


Laboratoire des Neurosciences Cognitives et Computationnelles (LNC2)

École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France 


The symposium is organized in a collaboration between the Center for Cognition and Decision Making (CCDM), Higher School of Economics, Developmental Computational Psychiatry Group, University College London (UCL, United Kingdom), and the Laboratory for Cognitive and Computational Neurosciences (LNC2) (Paris, France).  


Language of the event: English.

To attend the symposium please register through EventBrite (free tickets but mandatory registration):



The symposium will be held online via Zoom platform.

All registered attendees will receive an access link to the event.




Moscow Time 

London Time

Paris Time



13.00 -13.10

10.00 -10.10

11.00 -11.10


Tobias U. Hauser, Ph.D.

UCL, London



Computational psychiatry: approaches and challenges

13.10 -13.35

10.10 -10.35

11.10 -11.35


Maria Herrojo Ruiz, Ph.D.

Goldsmith University, London,

Higher Scool of Economics, Moscow


Neural oscillatory correlates of biased belief updating in volatile environments in anxiety

13.35 -14.00

10.35 -11.00

11.35 -12.00


Tricia Seow, Ph.D.

UCL, London


Compulsivity and the mental model

14.00 -14.25

11.00 -11.25

12.00 -12.25


Ksenia Panidi, Ph.D.

Higher School of Economics,


Temporal discounting factor in the monetary domain is associated with excessive sugar consumption

14.25 -14.50

11.25 -11.50

12.25 -12.50

Zoe Koopmans,

ENS, Paris


The elusive relation between task elicited reinforcement learning parameters and psychiatric symptoms


15.00 -15.25

12.00 -12.25

13.00 -13.25

Magda Dubois,

UCL, London


Impulsivity and individual differences in exploration-exploitation strategies

15.25 -15.50

12.25 -12.50

13.25 -13.50

Anush Ghambaryan,

HSE, Moscow


Additively combining utilities and beliefs in uncertain and changing environment for decision making

15.50 -16.15

12.50 -13.15

13.50 -14.15

Vasilisa Skvortsova, Ph.D.

UCL, London


Towards crowd-science and smartphone-based experimentation

16.15 -16.25

13.15 -13.25

14.15 -14.25

Panel Discussion & Closing remarks